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In addition to bookkeeping services, we offer continuous or project based services related to Government Grants, Cost Allocation, Audit Preparation, Audit Support and assistance with 990 Forms.

Fund Accounting

​Fund accounting is a system of accounting used to track the amount of money allocated to various operations at an organization.

  • Align costs and revenues for each funding source for any period and basis.

  • Standardize or establish recording of revenue and expenses according to GAAP standards and determine actual balances per funding, program or activity.

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Grant Budget Management

​A grant budget includes all the costs associated with carrying out the grant project or program.

  • Track a variety amount of Grants life terms to budget easily within the organizational budget.

  • Government, private, or foundation grants, we use tools to initiate budget revisions timely and monitor available balances and changes in reporting expenses.

  • Train program staff on managing grants.

  • Support documentation for fund monitoring or reviews.

  • Process and submit voucher or fiscal expense reports for operating grants per agreement.

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Organizational Budgets

​An Organizational Budget is a process businesses use to track income and expenses in a detailed enough way to make operational decisions. 

  • Create and/or maintain company wide budgets to support ongoing programs, future activities, personnel, fundraising, indirect and direct expenses for a fiscal year.

  • Reporting on Budget to Actual consolidated financial budgets to leadership for month to month Analysis and projections.


Cost Allocation

​Cost allocation is the method business owners use to calculate profitability for the purpose of financial reporting.

  • Create or Update cost allocation to align with grant budgets and personnel changes per FTE.

  • Assist in any time and attendances.

Annual Audit Planning & Preparation

Audit Planning is the development of the overall strategy in the event that you were to ever get audited.

  • Lead and/or assist in fiscal annual audits and/or A-133 Federal audits.

  • Establish, participate or lead a planning audit committee with staff or leadership.

  • Create or maintain 990 audit schedules for auditors.

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Fundraising Event Budgeting & Reporting

A fundraising event budget can help you plan and prepare for an upcoming event by anticipating income and expenses.

  • Support to create and manage fundraising budgets and recognizing revenue per GAAP standards.

  • Budget goals and report actuals accordingly per contribution type to report actual fundraising activities.

Board Financial Overviews

The essential information members of a board of directors need is contained in four basic financial statements: the balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement and the statement of shareholders’ equity.

  • Provide board financial statmeents with narrative for reporting.

  • Complete an organizaiton's fiscal assessment for recommendations.

  • Training on budget and financial statement and budgets

  • Strategic planning support

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